X-ray crystallography

Extended single crystal X-ray diffraction studies are performed in our laboratory in order to gain detailed structural insight for understanding the properties and reactivity behavior of our newly synthesized coordination compounds.
As many of the resulting uranium and iron as well as other transition metal complexes are paramagnetic compounds single crystal structure determination often is the only method providing precise structural information of the resulting complexes.

Our laboratory is equipped with three single-crystal diffractometers:

State-of-the-art Bruker-Nonius Kappa APEX II Duo diffractometer operated with an Incoatec High Brilliance IµS Mo microsource and an IµS  Cu source. Both microfocus sources are equipped with QUAZAR focusing X-ray optics. Cooling of our samples is provided by an Oxford Cryosystems Series 700 low temperature device. This instrument is especially designed for structure determinations on very small crystalline samples with crystal sizes of down to 50 µm and even smaller.



Bruker Smart APEX II diffractometer (fixed Chi stage) equipped with a curved crystal TRIUMPH monochromator and an Oxford Cryosystems N-Helix low temperature device allowing a cooling of the samples down to 28 K. On this instrument X-ray diffraction studies are performed on compounds exhibiting interesting phenomena such as temperature-dependent spin crossover. It is also used for routine structure determinations.  



Bruker-Nonius KappaCCD diffractometer equipped with a Miracol collimator and an Oxford Cryosystems Series 700 low temperature device for routine structure determination.





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