solvent purification system

We have set up a solid state solvent purification system in our laboratory. This system (by glass contour) has proven to be much safer over conventional distillation apparatuses. It will complement our efforts to handle highly reactive species under very careful conditions. The solvent dispensing system provides common solvents such as acetonitrile, THF, ether, toluene, pentane, and methylenechloride air- and water free. The solvents are stored in fire-proof cabinets in stainless-steel reservoirs, pressurized with ultra-pure argon, and passed through two sequential columns to remove any water and trace impurities as well as oxygen. The system is equipped with a cross-diffusion prevention between the solvents and a vacuum transfer device for refilling the solvent kegs without pouring. The solvent lines are plumbed directly into the glove-box, which allows to collect solvents at a "filling station" inside the boxes as well as at the stand.





Solvent System Full View

Solvent System Right View

Solvent System Left Side View



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