February 2020


Alexander Bergen submitted his MSc thesis in February 2020.  Congratulations Alex!  He starts his PhD studies on mono- and multinuclear transition metal complexes of imidazolium-based task-specific ionic liquids in March 2020.  Welcome to the team! We wish you good luck & success!

February 2020


Benedikt Kestel started his specialization module in February 2020 and will continue with his MSc thesis work in April 2020.  Bene is aiming towards the synthesis of diarsa- and diphospaallendiide ligands, starting from our recently published uranium cyaphide and cyaarside complexes.  Welcome to the team, good luck and success!


January 2020


Pablo Waldschmidt joined the uranium team in January 2020 for his PhD.  Pablo started his PhD tenure with a beautiful publication reporting U-mediated CO2 transformation chemistry.  He isnow studying the reactivity of uranium cyaphide and cyaarside compounds (and will eventually build a U-based redox-flow battery).

January 2020


Christopher Hörger received his PhD in January 2020.  Congratulations Dr. Hörxi!  Hörx studied the transformation of small molecules at reactive uranium complexes in super bulky ligand environments.  His studies were vastly successful and left a fruitful field behind that is currently plugged away by our “newbies”.  We wish him all the very best for his future.  Stay in touch, … and make sure our supply of “Group Rotling” remains secure!

December 2020


Lisa Pick started her specialization module in December 2019 and will continue with her MSc thesis studies in February 2020.  Lisa is investigating the chemistry  of iron dinitrosyl complexes; thus, following up on Martin’s “Monster” iron nitrosyl paper published in JACS late last year.  With Lisa P. joining the team, Lisa G. is promoted to #1. 



October 2019


With a prestigious Alexander-von-Humboldt post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Weiqing Mao joined the team in October 2019.  His research topic is focused on the study of highly reactive iron and cobalt complexes for atom transfer catalysis and O–O bond formation chemistry.  Mao received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  We thank the AvH Foundation and wish Mao all the success (… and lots of crystal structures:)

August 2019

We are very proud to announce the presentation of two very prestigious science awards to the Meyer Group Alumni Dr. Dominik Halter!

In summer 2018 Dominik received a Feodor-Lynen Postdoctorial Fellowhip by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation to join the Long Group at UC Berkeley. Dominik is currently working on the development of new metalic-organic frameworks with coordinatively unsaturated metal sites for hydrogen storage and catalysis. His latest success was announced by the "Reaxys PhD Prize 2019" committee that has selected him one of the 45 finalists of a very competitive group of 360 valid candidates. The publisher Elsevier is honoring these outstanding chemists by inviting the finalists to the PhD Prize Symposium in October in Amsterdam. The finalists will showcase their research in a poster session after which the three winners will be chosen.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed for "our Domi"! Independent of the outcome, he is the winner of hearts for the Meyer group members!

July 2018

Top-notch magnetochemistry instrumentation: Installation completed!

The Meyer lab is proud to announce that our brand new, top-of-the-notch Quantum Design Magnetometer MPMS3-DC is successfully installed and ready to be loaded with exciting samples.  Together with our “old” MPMS-XL workhorse, this new SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) will measure the magnetic properties of our metal coordination compounds as low as 1.8 K, and in applied magnetic fields of up to 7 T.  MPMS3 is equipped with an AC susceptibility option, a VSM extraction unit, and an EverCool dewar for Helium recycling. 

May the fun begin!




Juli 2018

Friends and coworkers always knew it but now it is official: Domi is in a class of his own!

We are very proud to announce that Dr.
Dominik Halter was awarded the Zerweck-Promotionspreis 2018. This Award is endowed with 2000 EUR and is awarded yearly, honoring the best of all PhD Thesis’ of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at FAU Erlangen.  Dominik was a Ph.D. student in the Meyer lab and is currently continuing his road to success at University of California at Berkeley.  He received the prestigious Alexander-von-Humboldt Postdoctoral fellowship for his research proposal on Metal-Organic Frameworks under the tutelage of Prof. Jeffrey Long at CAL.  All the best Domi!  

Stay in touch – we’ll miss you!

Juni 2018

Welcome to our new graduate student Julian Messelberger. Julian has begun his PhD research in the group of Dominik Munz. Welcome to “the gang” Julian!




Summer 2018

Welcome to our new Postdoctoral Fellows, Dr. Akira Katayama, Dr. Douglas R. Hartline and Dr. Sadig Aghazada!!!

Akira is a chemist from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan where he performed research in Prof. Hideki Masuda’s laboratory at the Department of Frontier Materials, and received his Ph.D. in the year 2018.  His thesis work studied the effects of ionic liquids on transition metal catalyzed electrochemical ammonia synthesis.  In the Meyer group he will apply his expertise on ionic liquids to our projects.

Doug was born and grew-up in Brookhaven Pennsylvania.  In 2013 he graduated from Pennsylvania State University with his Bachelors of Science in chemistry and in 2018 he graduated from Purdue University in Indiana with his Doctorate of Philosophy in chemistry with a focus on chemical catalysis. Since summer of 2018, Doug is working with us to help advancing our ambitious project of electrocatalytic water splitting.  

In 2013, Sadig received a Specialist degree in chemistry (equivalent to Master) with summa cum laude from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.  After his education in Russia, he moved on to Switzerland, where he received his Ph.D. (2018) from École Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.  At EPFL, he worked at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering ISIC and performed his graduate research under the supervision of Prof. Nazeeruddin with co-supervision of Prof. Michael Grätzel at Lausanne & Sion, Switzerland.  In the Meyer group he will be working on the development of multinuclear transition metal complexes.



April 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Jana Korzekwa! Jana successfully defended her doctoral thesis on „Synthese und Charakterisierung von 3d-Übergangsmetall- und Uran(IV)-Komplexen unter Verwendung von N,O- und N,N-Donorliganden“.  During her time in our group, Jana was known for her „hands-on mentality“ whenever help was needed. Thank you Jana and best wishes for the future!

Spring 2018

Welcome to M.Sc. Annette GrünwaldAnnette started her Ph.D. work in the Munz group and we are very happy she chose to work with us.  Not only is she a great pastry baker that often treats us with delicious cakes, she is also a very pleasant lab mate and excellent team player!  Have fun Annette!

Welcome to M.Sc. Dominik Fehn and M.Sc. Lisa Grafvogl who are our latest additions to the “transition metal team” of the Meyer group. Welcome Domi Fehn and Lisa!!!



December 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Domink Munz who was awarded a Liebig-fellowship by the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie"!

Dominik (aka Johnny) is currently establishing his own research group in Erlangen to begin his independent career.  He received his Dr. rer. nat. degree from TU Dresden (with Prof. Thomas Strassner) and spent his postdoctoral research time in the US, with professors T. Brent Gunnoe (University of Virginia) and Guy Bertrand (University of California, San Diego).  The research interests of the Munz group are catalytic procedures for the oxidative refinement of hydrocarbons and the activation of small molecules. Great to have you on board Dominik!

September 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Sternberg for successfully defending her thesis! We wish Michelle all the best for her future endeavors.

Congrats to
Dr. Eva Zolnhofer! Eva – our former “Queen of EPR” – successfully defended her doctoral thesis. We are proud to announce that she was selected to join the “Innotruck” team. The Innotruck is an initiative sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to bring science to the broader public and high school students in the course of a nationwide interactive exhibition tour of the truck. BMBF can be happy to have you as a project scientist – well done Eva!

May 2017

We are proud to announce that Karsten Meyer was awarded the Chugaev Medal by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Kurnakov-Institut of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the RAS awarded Karsten for advancing the field of synthetic transition- and actinide- coordination chemistry as well as chelating ligand development. Lev Aleksandrovich Chugaev (1873 –1922), was a renowned Russian chemist and the successor of Dimitri Mendeleev at University of Petersburg.

April 2017

In April Karsten Meyer received the Ludwig Mond Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK and the Elhuyar-Goldschmidt Lecturship by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Ludwig Mond Award is awarded for outstanding research in inorganic chemistry. Karsten was awarded for his “outstanding contributions to electronic and molecular structure, unusual oxidation states, small molecule activation, and metal-ligand multiple bonding, with a particular emphasis on the chemistry of uranium and iron”.

The Elhuyar – Goldschmidt Lectureship is named after the Spanish brothers Elhuyar and after Hans Goldschmidt. In 1783, Fausto and Juan José Elhuyar discovered the element Tungsten; the German businessman Hans Goldschmidt is the inventor of the thermite reaction. The Lecturship was established in 1999 and is awarded yearly to one German and one Spanish chemist that is selected the respective chemical society of the partner country. Karsten gave his award lecture at University of Valencia.



November 2016

Welcome to our PhD students M.Sc. Judith Riedhammer und M.Sc. Daniel Pividori! Both have chosen to join the “uranium team” and are a perfect fit for the Meyer group as they are excellent team players, very creative and great fun to be with!

Daniel is also an excellent cook and Judith is our group party planner. So happy to have you two!!!

September 2016

Well done Mario! Dr. Mario Adelhardt defended his thesis involving research on his infamous SalAmi ligand. Also, Mario was among those scientist who first reported the oxidation state +4 for the well-established Ferrocene molecule – this spectacular achievement was reported in Science.

August 2016

Science paper out!

The Meyer team members Mario Adelhardt and Dr. Jörg Sutter co-authored a paper on the isolation and characterization of a decamethylferrocene dication with iron in the +4 oxidation state. The ground breaking synthesis of this never before isolated Fe(IV) metallocene was achieved by our collaborator M. Malischewski of the Seppelt lab at Free University Berlin and characterized by the Meyer group at FAU. Congratulations to the successful scientists!

January 2016

A new year, a new PhD student!!! M.Sc. Sascha Löffler joined the Meyer Lab team in January to start his graduate research. Welcome Sascha!   


September 2015

Welcome to Soosan Hosseinmardi, our new PhD student from Iran! She received her master’s degree from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran where she was working with Prof. Sirous Jamali studying C-H activation by N-heterocyclic carbene Pt(II) complexes. In Erlangen, she will be working on developing cubane Manganese clusters for catalytic water oxidation. Enjoy your time in Germany Soosan!


July 2015

Congratulations to our PhD student Eva Zolnhofer! Her poster “An Intermediate Cobalt(IV) Nitrido Complex” was awarded with the 1st Poster-Prize (100 EUR) at the “ECOSTBIO Summer School “Spectroscopy of Spin in Catalysis, Bioinorganic and Materials Chemistry: Spinning a Web of Theory and Practice” in Groningen (Netherlands).  Well done Eva!!!



A new postdoc arrived!
Toni (Lianpeng) Tong received a M.Sc. degree from Dalian University of Technology, China and  conducted his Ph.D. research under the supervision of Prof. Licheng Sun at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in Sweden. He then proceeded to take a postdoctoral position at the University of Houston (Prof. Randolph P. Thummel) where he worked on the development of Co-based proton reduction catalysts. At Erlangen he will be an integral part of our newly established research team for the advancement of chemical energy conversion sponsored by BMBF, "MANGAN".


June 2015

On June 1st, Karsten Meyer was appointed "Professor for the Brain Circulation Project" at Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech). He is appointed from June 2015 to March 2017 ro conduct collaborative research with NITech.

Let's "circulate the brain" Karsten!!!

May 2015

Two new master sudents have joined the team: Welcome to Vera Seidel and Martin Keilwerth! Have fun in the lab and enjoy the world of synthetic chemistry!


We are pleased to welcome a new graduate student in our lab! Madeline (Chih-Juo) Yin was born in Taiwan and is Australian citizen. She did her bachelor at University of Rochester and recieved her masters' degree from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL, master thesis with Prof. Graetzel). Welcome Madeline and enjoy your time in Germany!!


April 2015

Welcome to Thibault Chisson! Thibault is a graduate student from Ecole Polytechnique (CNRS, near Paris) and is on a "Short Term Scientific Mission" (COST) to work on uranium chemistry in our lab. At CNRS he is member of the Laboratoire de Chimie Moleculaire under the supervision of Audrey Auffrant - he is co-supervised by Gregory Nocton.

Enjoy your time in Erlangen Thibault!


March 2015

Welcome to Alisdair Formanuik! Ally is student of Dr. David Mills and is visiting from the University of Manchester, UK. He will be staying for one month to gain insight into our ligand synthesis for uranium coordination chemistry.

Have fun Ally! We hope you will enjoy chemistry in Germany!




Welcome to Prof. John F. Berry visiting from University of Wisconsin at Madison! John is an Associate Professor at Madison where he has established a vibrant research program tackling fundamental problems in coordination chemistry and bonding. He recently was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for a sabbatical stay to perform research in the Meyer Group.

Great to have you around John!



October 2014

Welcome to Stephanie Laga, a visiting Fulbright Fellow from Caltech, Pasadena, USA!


After completion of her undergraduate education at Caltech, she decided to join our research team for a 10 months visit. During her time in the Meyer lab she will be working on Ni-NHC carbene complexes. After her visit in Germany, she will be moving on to Yale University (New Haven, USA) to start her graduate education and PhD research. Congratulations to Stephanie for securing funding from the Fulbright Foundation. We are looking forward to fun times with her and are truly pleased to have her “on board”!

September 2014

Welcome to Matthias (Matze) Miehlich and Julian Hümmer, the latest additions to our research team. Julian and Matze are about to complete the master thesis and will start their PhD research in March 2015. We are happy to have you and are looking forward to fun times in lab and elsewhere!


January 2014

Welcome to our new graduate students Dominik Halter and Christopher Hörger! Both have chosen to do their "Dissertation" on uranium coordination chemistry and we are more than happy to have them in our team! Welcome guys - enjoy your "Doktoranden-time"!



Welcome to all international guests staying with us for extended research stays!!!

Visiting from the United States are Matthew Chalkley (Yale University) and Donald Ripatti (University of California, San Diego). Both are undergraduate students and have been awarded research fellowships (Fulbright fellowship to MC, DAAD fellowship to DR) for a 9 months stay in our group before they will move on to begin their graduate education. Congratulations to both of them! Great to have you in the team!


Visiting from Great Britain are Simon Randall and Alexander (Sandy) Kilpatrick. Both are exchange PhD students sent by our collaborators Prof. Louise Natrajan (University of Manchester) and Prof. F. Geoffrey N. Cloke (University of Sussex). They are working on joint research projects with the Meyer lab. Welcome to Simon and Sandy! Enjoy Erlangen and the uranium chemistry in the Meyer lab!



Staying with us for a postdoctoral stay is Dr. Angel Romero from Universidad Simón Bolívar (SBU) in Caracas, Venezuela. He received his doctoral degree for work he performed under the supervision of Dr. Simon Lopez in the Organic Chemistry Division of the Chemistry Department at SBU. He will support our "ionic liquids team" with his synthetic skills. Welcome to Germany, Angel!


September 2013

Congratulations to Carsten Streb who recently assumed a Full Professorship at the University of Ulm! Well done Carsten!!!
Ever since he joined the Meyer Group in Erlangen as a Liebig Fellow (FCI) in 2009, he was recognized as a competent and always friendly partner in research and teaching.
We will miss him and wish him all the best and much fun for his future endeavors!

Welcome to our guest Matthew Chalkley who did his undergraduate studies at Yale University, New Haven, USA. He has joined the Meyer group for 10 months and will perform research on Co and Mn Oxo- and Nitrido-complexes prior to his graduate work with Prof. Jonas Peters at Caltech, Pasadena CA. Welcome to the team Matthew – great to have you with us!!!



The Chair of Inorganic and General Chemistry is member of the newly founded BDS-AzubiAkademie at Erlangen (BDS-apprentice-academy).


Minister of State Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch (Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts) presented the leaving certificates to apprentices Marlena Erras and Stephanie Kraftschik during a ceremony in the Orangerie of Erlangen Castle.
Picture (from left to right): Dr. Jörg Sutter (Instructor), Marlena Erras and Stephanie Kraftschik, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Dr. Matthias Moll (Instructor).

Welcome to Wenliang Huang from the Diconescu group at UCLA who is visting FAU for a 2 week research stay! Wenliang is a 5th year graduate student at UCLA who joined the Diaconescu group in October 2008 after conducting research as an undergraduate at Peking University on computational studies applied to organometallic chemistry.

The Meyer group holds long standing collaborations with the Diaconescu group at UCLA and currently recieves funding for student exchange from BaCaTeC. The Bavarian California Technology center (BaCaTeC) supports collaborative research projects between scientitsts in Bavaria and California.


Martina Käß has been awarded a PhD fellowship of the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes".  Please join us in congratulating Martina on this well-earned honor.


Amanda E. King (University of Wisconsin, Madison) has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship.  Please join us in congratulating Amanda on this well deserved honor!!!


Amanda is currently working on her PhD thesis under the supervision of Profs. Shannon Stahl and Thomas Brunold.  She is expected to join the Meyer lab for her postdoctoral studies in fall 2009.  Amanda will be studying aspects of catalytic H2O oxidation, such as the mechanism of oxygen – oxygen bond formation in high-valent transition metal oxo and hydroxo complexes.  These studies are relevant to photo-catalytic water splitting chemistry as observed in the biological oxygen-evolving complex (OEC) of Photosystem II.The Meyer group is eagerly anticipating her arrival and extends our heartiest congratulations to Amanda!

Professor Charles “Chuck” Casey (University of Wisconsin, Madison-Wisconsin) will be presenting a seminar on Monday, July 20th 2009, titled “An Efficient and Chemoselective Iron Catalyst for the Hydrogenation of Ketones”.


Professor Casey’s research group is interested in studying the mechanisms of organometallic reactions and in developing an understanding of homogeneous catalysis.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.  Among the many awards, he received the ACS award in Organometallic Chemistry and the A. C. Cope Scholar Award. Chuck (photo left) is visiting our group from Saturday through Tuesday.  Please welcome Chuck!

Tuesday, June 2th 2009 was Erlangen day at the local Bergkirchweih festival, and our group joined the rest of the city in hoisting a mug. Below is a picture of the group at the Steinbach Bräu keller. You can see more pictures in the photo gallery.

Discussing chemistry Meyer Group at Bergkirchweih Krug head

Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Daniel Mindiola (Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana)!  Dan has been granted the prestigious “Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award”.  With this fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards internationally renowned scientists and scholars, who are producing cutting-edge achievements which have seminal influence on their discipline beyond their immediate field of work.

Dan is internationally recognized for his contributions to the field of catalysis.  He has devised methods, allowing for the rational preparation of molecules that are suspected to be essential intermediates of catalytic cycles.  By making these species verifiable and accessible to future optimization, he advances catalyst design, thus minimizing energy cost and maximizing resources.  Dan is hosted by Prof. Roesky at the University of Göttingen and by our group at the University of Erlangen – Nürnberg.


Dan & his family (Katti, Niobe & Juan Daniel) will be staying with us from May 29 through January 2010.  Dan will be staying in his guest office on the 3rd floor of the Inorganic Chemistry building (Egerlandstr. 1, Office: 3.19).  Please feel free to meet with him; he is a super nice guy and a great synthetic chemist!

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Marat Khusniyarov and Dr. Carsten Streb.  Marat and Carsten were awarded a prestigious Liebig fellowship from the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie".  Marat has started his independent work in Mai 2009 and Carsten will join us in October 2009 for their independent research work towards their habilitation.

Marat obtained his PhD at Philipps-Universität Marburg with Prof. Jörg Sundermeyer (2006), afterwards he joined the group of Prof. Karl Wieghardt (MPI for Bioinorganic Chemistry) as a postdoctoral-fellow. Now he has started his independent research career focused on the development of photoswitchable magnetic materials funded by the FCI.


Carsten Streb will join our team in October 2009 as a Liebig-Fellow of the FCI. Carsten gained his Diplom-Chemiker degree at TU Kaiserslautern in 2005, working with Prof. Martin Hartmann. He then moved to the University of Glasgow where he obtained his PhD in 2008 (supervisor: Prof Lee Cronin) working on metal-oxide based molecular materials. Currently, he works at the University of Glasgow and James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, investigating complex functional nanostructures based on molecular metal oxide precursors. His future research will be focussed around alkoxide-based architectures as functional materials.


May, 2009: Karsten has been awarded an honorary membership of the Israel Chemical Society (ICS). He is the 29th scientist to be elected lifetime honorary member.


The 365 winners of the 2009 ‘365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’ contest are in – and our colleague Prof. H. Kisch is one of them!!! From more than 2,000 applications received from companies, research institutes, art and cultural institutions, community and charity initiatives, a panel of 18 judges picked his research project “Frischluftfarbe” as one of the winners. As a result the “Institut für Anorganische Chemie” was selected as one of ‘365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’. Every landmark demonstrates the multifaceted potential of Germany as a place of innovation. Congratulations to Prof. Kisch for his achievement and a big “Thank you” to him for bringing Inorganic Chemistry at Erlangen into the national limelight!


Welcome to our guest Dr. Alistair Frey from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK!
He is visiting us for 4 weeks (in April 2009) to breathe life into our
infamous arsenic generator. It was build by our machine shop a while ago and has since been waiting to produce yellow arsenic for uranium chemistry. We are happy to have Alistair in town and are looking forward to lots of chemistry and camaraderie!


Congratulations to Radim who has been awarded the 2008 Research Award For Young European Scientists of The European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion for the best PhD thesis in the field of quantum solar energy conversion.

Prof. Roger Y. Tsien

Radim during his award lecture at the Quantsol 2009 Winterworkshop in Rauris (Austria).

On Feb. 22-24, the 5th annual meeting for coordination chemists “Koordinationschemie-Treffen 2009” was hosted by our group here in Erlangen. We were happy to welcome more than one hundred participants from 35 research groups from all around Germany. It has become a well-established tradition that all presentations are given and chaired by graduate students. The 33 exciting talks and 23 posters showcased results from the forefront of coordination chemistry, with topics ranging from small molecule activation, through precursors for modified ceramics, to photoactive complexes for sunlight-driven hydrogen production. On Monday evening, we celebrated with a “Rosenmontag Buffet” where delicious traditional meals were served accompanied by plenty of local Franconian beer. The next “Koordinationschemie-Treffen 2010” will be organized by Prof. Eva Rentschler and Prof. Katja Heinze in Mainz.
more pictures get it here




Please welcome our new Ph.D. students Boris Kosog and Martina Käß!

Boris received his Diploma from University of Regensburg (with Prof. Göpferich/PD Teßmar) and joined our group in January 2009. He will work on a project continuing our efforts in uranium coordination chemistry.

Martina, a Dipl.-Chem. from TU München (with Prof. Herrmann/Dr. Schneider) will work on the catalytic activation of CO2 at reactive Ti and Fe complexes. She will start her studies with us in May 2009.


We would like to welcome our new international guest-scientist, Jesús Rodríguez Ruiz. Jesús recieved his Diploma from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) and now he is pursuing his PhD degree at Università degli Studi di Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). He will stay with us for three months (January-March 2009) working with Radim on photoelectrochemistry of semiconductor electrodes.


Congratulations to Paschalis Thasitis for finishing his Diploma thesis!  Much to our regret, Paschalis is leaving us again, since he has accepted a very attractive job offer at a company back in is home country Greece in January 2009.  For his efforts and hard work during his time in the Meyer lab, he was awarded a “Diploma hat”! Good luck for the future and we hope to see you again soon!

Ingrid and Xile

Congratulations to Prof. Daniel Mindiola who was awarded the prestigious “Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award” awarded by Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2009). It will allow him to visit Germany for an extended research stay. During this visit he will split his time and perform experiments in the laboratories of Prof. Herbert Roesky at the University of Göttingen as well as our laboratory at Erlangen. We are looking forward to host this truly amazing synthetic chemist, learn from him and have lots of fun with him and his family.

Prof. Dan Mindiola

Christina’s former supervisor at the University of California, San Diego, Prof. Roger Y. Tsien, was awarded this year’s (2008) Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  He is sharing the award with Prof. Martin Chalfie (Columbia) and Dr. Osamu Shimomura (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole).  Congratulations to Roger from the Meyer Group!

Prof. Roger Y. Tsien

On the occasion of his retirement, Prof. H. Kisch – one of our much respected Senior Colleagues – was honored during the “Festkolloquium – Katalyse mit und ohne Licht” in October 2008. About ~100 international guests joined the festivities in celebration of his very successful research career (see photo left with Prof. Schrauzer, UCSD (left), Profs. Braslavsky (left) Wilke & Wieghardt (right), MPI Mühlheim, photo right with Profs. Herberhold (left), Wilke (middle), and Vahrenkamp). Thank you Prof. Kisch for 25 years of committed service at the University of Erlangen!

Ingrid and Xile

Welcome to Prof. Dr. Sven Rau! We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sven Rau accepted the recently offered position as a W2 Professor (Nachfolge Prof. Kisch) at the “Institut für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie”. In October 2008, he and his group from the University of Jena decided to join our team in Erlangen and we are looking forward to many years of science, collaborations and friendship!


This was a first!!!  The Meyer group participated in the “Iron Chemist” (Sept. 2008) competition here at the University of Erlangen.  Although we nominated two teams (team U238 and Fe57) for the triathlon competition, we unfortunately were not quite as physically “fit” as some of the other teams and had to resort to our famous team spirit and sportsmanship to nevertheless enjoy the competition.  This sportsmanship is clearly demonstrated in the picture below in which Dr. Jörg Sutter and Prof. Sven Rau are shaking hands as they pass the finish line at the same time!  Well done guys!


We are very much looking forward to welcome Prof. Daniel Mindiola (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA) for a short visit to Erlangen. Dan will be studying some of his complexes by EPR spectroscopy and SQUID magnitization. Everybody is welcome to meet Dan in his temporary office on the 3rd floor (Room A3.19; Tel.: 27362). He will be here from July 13-16, 2008.

Prof. Dan Mindiola

Where are they now? It is with great pleasure to note that post doc Suzanne Doucette continues her academic endeavors. Suzanne has taken an assistant professor position at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana (July 2008). We wish her the very best and success!

Dr. Suzanna Doucette

Tuesday, May 13th 2008 was Erlangen day at the local Bergkirchweih festival, and our group joined the rest of the city in hoisting a mug. Below is a picture of the group at the Steinbach Bräu keller. You can see more pictures in the photo gallery.

Discussing chemistry Meyer Group at Bergkirchweih Krug head

Dr. Sandro Gambarotta from the University of Ottawa, Canada will be giving a seminar on Monday, May 26th 2008 entitled "Highly Reactive Low-valent Synthons of f-block Elements: The 'Vandals' of the Periodic Table".

Also joining us in May is Dr. Peter Wolczanski from Cornell Univeristy in Ithaca, New York. He will be giving a seminars on Tuesday at 5:15 about "Investigations of Group 6 Silox Compounds: Some Consequences of Orbital
Symmetry", and another on Friday, May 30th on "Consequences of Orbital Symmetry in Group 5 and Some Past Chemistry".

Dr. Cliff Kubiak from the University of California, San Diego campus will be visiting us from Friday, May 4th until Friday, May 24th 2008. He will be giving a seminar entitled "Inorganic Mixed Valency at the Delocalized/Localized Borderline: Ultrafast, Non-Arrhenius, and Solvent-Coupled Electron Transfers" on Thursday, May 15th, and a second lecture on Monday, May 19th entitled "The Catalytic Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide Conversion".


Kubiak et al

Guests Cliff Kubiak (left) and Peter Wolczanski (2nd from left) with past visitors Christopher Cummins (3rd from right) and Paul Chirik (2nd from right).

University of California, San Diego Professor Dr. Michael Sailor will be joining us from Wednesday, March 18th to Friday, March 21st 2008.

Mike Sailor

Guest Michael Sailor (right) with Christopher Cummins and Dick Schrock (left)

Congratulations to PhD student Oanh Lam on her first primary-author publication entitled "Charge-Separation in Uranium Diazomethane Complexes Leading to C-H Activation and Chemical Transformation" (02/2008). The JACS paper summarizes her work on C─H activation of diphenyldiazomethane using a low-valent U(III) complex. Read the full paper. It is also being highlighted in the online technology journal Ars Technica.

Uranium Diazomethane Complexes

We would like to welcome our newest international group member, PhD candidate Xinjiao Wang. Xinjiao recieved her undergraduate degree in China, and M.S. in Singapore. She will be working on catalytic applications of nickel complexes.


Congratulations to PhD student Carola Vogel on her first publication entitled "An Iron Nitride Complex". This Angewandte Chemie paper summarizes her work on the synthesis of discrete iron nitride complexes stabilized by N-anchored tris(carbene) ligands. Read the full paper. A discussion of the paper was published in Science Editor's Choice (here).


Michigan State University professor Dr. Mitch Smith will be joining us on Friday, November 9th. He will be giving a seminar on Monday the 12th at 4 pm entitled "Iridium Boryl Complexes: Versatile Tools for Functionalizing CH Bonds".

Mitch with Dan and Dick

Guest speaker Mitch Smith (left) with Daniel Nocera and Dick Schrock (right)

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The solar energy workshop was a resounding success! Students from across Germany and Professors from around the world were in attendance for the first Erlangen workshop on "Chemical Solar Energy Conversion via Redox-Active Metal Centers".

Dr. Nocera Dr. Kudo Presenters and Organizers


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Where are they now? Well, it is with great pleasure to note that the founding members of the Meyer group, Ingrid and Xile, continue their academic endeavors. After their postdoctoral research stays at the University of California, Berkley, and the California Institute of Technology, Ingrid and Xile started their independent careers at the California Maritime Academy and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. We wish them all the very best and success!


Ingrid and Xile

Prof. Ingrid Castro Rodríguez, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry
California Maritime Academy, USA

Prof. Xile Hu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland



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This year, we are glad to announce the newly established workshop “Chemical Solar Energy Conversion via Redox-Active Metal Centers“ at our university (Sept. 24-27, 2007) sponsored by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The main objective of this first workshop is an introduction to the field of solar energy conversion via electron transfer reactions.  The emphasis is placed on the activation and, ultimately, cleavage of water to oxygen and hydrogen, utilizing sunlight as clean, renewable, and abundant source of energy.  We are proud to have two speakers that are leaders in the field of homogeneous and heterogeneous approaches to water splitting. Professors A. Kudo and D. G. Nocera will be presenting current challenges, advances, and perspectives in chemical solar energy conversion.

  Chemical Solar Energy Workshop  

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Prof. Jeffrey Long (University of California, Berkeley) is visiting us October 4 – 7. Jeff will present a seminar, titled "Hydrogen Storage in Microporous Coordination Solids with Exposed Metal Sites", on Friday, October 5, at 11:15 AM (Lecture Room H2). Everyone is welcome to join!

Prof. Timothy Warren is coming to visit the Meyer Group for his sabbatical leave from Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA). Tim and his family will arrive on August 29. He will be joined by two students who will focus on spectroscopic and computational experiments. Tim will present his research in a number of seminars throughout his stay (tba). We are looking forward to having Tim!

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Dr. David L. Clark (Director G.T. Seaborg Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA) is coming to visit the Meyer laboratories on August 29. Dave will give a seminar on "Research at a US National Laboratory: Current Topics in Actinide Research" at 5 PM.

group pic summer 2006

Our group @ fau erlangen-nuremberg in summer 2006.

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Our first five laboratories have been fully renovated! New power, cooling water, central regeneration and inert gas lines have been installed as well as new lab furniture and state of the art inert gas glove boxes.

Single and double station glove boxes are equipped with -35 deg C freezers, liquid nitrogen dewars, and O2 sensors. All double-station boxes have feedthroughs for vacuum and special gas lines, allow for attachment of electrochemical equipment as well as cryostats. Quartz glass light guides and dip-probes permit acquisition of electronic absorption spectra inside the glove boxes under controlled atmospheres.

renovated labs @ fau

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A brand new solvent purification system (Glasscontour by George & Allison Meyer, Irvine, CA) for 10 solvents has been installed! This system provides bone-dry and pristine solvents. Standard hydrocarbon solvents such as C5, C6, benzene and toluene as well as more problematic solvents like Et2O, THF, CH2Cl2, CHCl3, CH3CN and pyridine can be obtained dry and oxygen-free.


solvent system @ fau

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Congratulations to Suzanne! Suzanne has been awarded the prestigeous Alexander-von-Humboldt fellowship for her postdoctoral studies concerning the coordination chemistry of reactive uranium complexes.

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Dr. Suzanne Doucette (here with her husband Jarrod) has joined our group for her postdoctoral research. Suzanne comes from Paul Chirik's group @ Cornell University. She will study the coordination, activation, and functionalization of alkanes and CO2 at reactive, electron-rich uranium complexes in molecularly-engineered ligand environments.


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Please welcome our first co-workers! Thomas Wagner (left) and Carola Vogel (right) have joined our group for her diploma studies (...and more).

Thomas Carola

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Our laboratory has moved to germany (see coordinates below)! The US DOE funded actinide group will partly remain @ ucsd and co-advised with prof. joe o'connor:

meyer lab
professor of chemistry
institute of inorganic & general chemistry (chair)
friedrich-alexander university erlangen - nuremberg
egerlandstrasse 1
erlangen, bavaria 91080


office: +49 (0)9131 8527361 (asst)

office: +49 (0)9131 8527360
fax: +49 (0)9131 8527367

our group @ ucsd in spring 2002

Our group @ ucsd in spring 2002

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On August First Twothousendandfive Ingrid Castro-Rodriguez defended her PhD thesis. The heartiest congratulations to Dr. Ingrid Castro-Rodriguez! Ingrid graduated in a little less than five years with more than 14 publications! For her very impressive research accomplishments, Ingrid has received multiple awards and recognitions such as UCSD's Teddy Trailor Award, the Gordon Research Conference's Carl Storm Fellowship, and a Bavarian Science Foundation Research Fellowship that brought her to the Technical University of Munich (Germany). Also, a Glenn T. Seaborg Summer Fellowship allowed Ingrid to conduct research at the Los Alamos National Laboratories. Ingrid will be continuing to do postdoctoral research with Prof. Kenneth Raymond at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. For her research proposal at Cal, Ingrid has been awarded the prestigious Glenn T. Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellowship. Awesome, Ingrid!!! All the very best & good luck for the future!

Dr. Ingrid

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Congratulations to Patrick Feng! Patrick has been awarded a prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship!!!

NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in the relevant science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees. NSF Fellows are expected to become knowledge experts who can contribute significantly to research, teaching, and innovations in science and engineering.

For more information, check out:


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Ingrid, Oanh and Patrick went to the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) to collect our first XANES and XAFS data on our uranium complexes. This study is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Steve Conradson and Dr. Dave Clark from the Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) and funded through the UCSD/LANL CARE Program (CARE).

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Please welcome our new team members!!!

Oanh did her undergraduate research with Prof. Jim Mayer at the University of Washington, Seattle. She will continue her synthetic chemistry in our uranium laboratory. Carmen has studied in the laboratories of Prof. Raphael Raptis at the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus) and is currently synthesizing new NHC chelators for our transition metal chemistry. Patrick, who did his undergraduate work with Prof. Peter Dorhout at Colorado State University, will also work on our uranium chemistry.

new members

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Guess who is writing her thesis and threatening the PI with a banana?

Ingrid thesis writing


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We finally had to say "Good-Bye" to Xile. Xile started working in the laboratories of Prof. Jonas Peters at Caltech. His new email address is

Xile good-bye dinner


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Ingrid is back from Munich! She sends hugs & kisses to the Tamm group and everybody else, who treated her like a princess! Ingrid says: "I love Germany, German food, and the Germans." can clearly see.

- veni, vidi, vici

Ingrid in Munich

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The first meyer-group student defended his PhD on November Eighteenth Twothousendandfour. The heartiest congratulations to Dr. Xile Hu. Xile...sorry, Dr. Hu graduated in four years with 10 publications. Xile will be continuing to do postdoctoral research with Prof. Jonas Peters at the California Institute of technology. All the best & good luck for the future!

Dr. Xile cake and flowers

Dr. Xile with group

Karsten, Christina, Dr. Xile

Dr. Xile opens champagne


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Congratulations to Ingrid! Ingrid has received a research fellowship from the Bavarian Science Foundation. Ingrid is currently working in the laboratories of Prof. Matthias Tamm at the Technical University Munich (TUM) in Germany. Ingrid will stay in Bavaria during the holidays. We wish her all the best...and may be some snow (which Ingrid has never seen before;=) Come back soon!


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Congratulations to Ingrid! Ingrid has received UCSD's Teddy G. Traylor Award for the Chemical Sciences.

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