mössbauer spectroscopy

Two Mössbauer instruments for 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy are available which each consist of a WissEl Mössbauer spectrometer (MRG-500), a 57Co/Rh radiation source and an MBBC-HE0106 MÖSSBAUER He/N2 cryostat for experiments between 5 and 300 K. Isomer shifts are determined relative to a-iron at 298 K. WinNormos for Igor Pro software is used for the quantitative evaluation of the spectral parameters (least-squares fitting to Lorentzian peaks). The minimum experimental line widths are 0.20 mms-1

Mössbauer Sensor
Mössbauer Room Mössbauer Instrument
Mössbauer Recorder Mössbauer Computer Mössbauer Source




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