inert-atmosphere techniques


Some of our compounds may be extremely air and/or moisture sensitive. Therefore, our laboratory is set up with a manifold of regular Schlenk-type argon/vacuum lines. For convenient handling of these molecules, manipulations are performed in inert-atmosphere boxes. The laboratories are equipped with a single-box, designated for uranium chemistry only, and a double-box. Both boxes (MBRAUN Labmaster) are equipped with:

  • PLC Controller
  • Solid-State Oxygen Analyzer
  • Antechambers with Heatable Trays and Automatic Antechamber evac/refill Controller
  • Internal Charcoal Traps
  • Floor Mounted Cold-Well (with liquid Nitrogen Dewar)
  • - 40 Degree Celsius Freezer
  • Automatic Purge Valves
  • Static Eliminators
A1_04_MB200B_red_Glovebox   A1_04_MB20G_red_Glovebox
A1_36_LABmaster_red_Glovebox   A3_01_LABmaster_red_Glovebox
A3_03_LABstar_red_Glovebox   A1_04_MB20G_red_Glovebox
A3_43_LABstar_red_Glovebox   U1_023_MB200B_red_Glovebox


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