Although multinuclear NMR spectroscopy will be the "everyday" method to characterize our new compounds, we expect to synthesize and focus on paramagnetic species as well. For the characterization of paramagnetic transition-metal complexes we routinely use a state-of-the-art EPR spectrometer. The Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance spectrometer used is a JEOL continuous wave spectrometer JES-FA200 equipped with an X-band high-power low-noise Dual-Gunn oscillator bridge (microwave source) and a high sensitivity cylindrical mode cavity. For high-accuracy measurements the system carries a Hall field controller as well as an X-band digital frequency counter. For low-temperature experiments the spectrometer is equipped with a helium cryostat system to record spectra down to as low as 4 K.



EPR Cavity

EPR in action

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